Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Obey Stussy

Turn your attention to my very sassy and beautiful friend Karen. Always oozing urban coolness, here she wears some of my favourite labels. Classic Stussy t-shirt (Incidentally, the iconic International Stussy Tribe Collection inspired by the classic varsity jacket, is worth a look). Karen also wears slim fit Levi 511 commuter men's jeans (around £85) AND they're waterproof; rather appropriately, Levi calls them "high performance, iconic style". 

Karen also wears vintage Dior slightly tinted glasses; a quirky 90s throwback. Her beanie is an Obey classic. Her socks are also Huf plantlife at £13.99, an exclusive edition from their collaboration with Thrasher magazine.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Missguided's Monochrome

 This look features Missguided's gorgeous white skort for £17.99. This is a contemporary half-way between a skirt and shorts-- obviously. I love the irregular shape as it's flattering to the legs. You only have to be concerned not to spill on it! The vest I also love because its an ordinary cami with gold chain straps- that one's Primark though. (Well done Primani!) Today I just wore this with standard white chuck taylor converse and faux fur leather jacket- see my previous post. Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs were shaking up black and white textures in their SS14 collection and that's what inspired the monochrome look for me.

Here on the right is an image of the gorgeous Karlie Kloss rocking the monochrome in retro black cut-offs and plain white long sleeved top. Simplicity, simplicity! No need to overdo it on bulky accessories. Here is my amateur interpretation-- although the hairstyle was inadvertently copied this time! These would also work with Astrix boots in keeping with black and white colours, and could also dress it up for evening time - see Chunky Leather Heights post for more details.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sports, Illustrated.

I know again these are Topshop labels but it just goes to show that the brand is versatile, as this look is quite different from the tartan 'do before. The baseball t-shirt is from a concession called Project Social at Topshop, but it's a bit pricey at £25. I just cut up some old tights to make the long socks- the only downfall is you need to hoist them up quite a lot. I just teamed it up with Topshop faux leather jacket with a fur collar which I'm absolutely in love with. Oh, and standard white chuck taylor converse and a messy side plait.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Everyday Display

I like using this soft brown eyeshadow as it complements the ombre tones in my hair.

This is my simple everyday look using Bobbi Brown metallic brown eyeshadow (£17). I also use this on my brows with a thin brush. I use La Prarie foundation (ridiculously overpriced - this was a gift!) and Mac studio sculpt foundation at a more reasonable £25. I've used a Guerlain bronzer as well and Maxfactor mascara.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Topshop meets Nike... love at first sight.

This look features the same jogger trousers in the chunky leather heights post earlier. I'm focusing on the purple blazer trainers also from Nike. Less boyish than the Air Jordans, they spice up this little monochrome number with a plush purple colour. Their current value are between £70-£115. The gold cut-out necklace is Freedom at Topshop, valued at £12.50.

Sensuous Son of Low

The son of low generation of air jordans: an androgynous trainer that I like to make girly with frilly Topshop socks (around £3.50). Click here for more info on Green Glow air-jordans. Retailed at around £115, I feel blessed to have got an employee discount from a friend who works at Niketown.

HOTD (Hair of the Day)

A quickie snapshot of how I styled my hair for the previous tartan oufit. No unnecessary products, no muss- just a sleek side ponytail with gold hoops.

Tartan Chic!


This is an example of the kind of oufit I would wear with the Astrix boots (see previous post). Topshop have had a real fascination with tartan prints at the moment and this one is from last year. It was around £38 but unfortunately it's not on their website anymore. The Bohoo crop top was only £6 and a really cute 90s throwback addition to this school girl inspired ensemble.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Chunky Leather Heights

I'm going to start with Topshop's "Astrix" boots. There are two reasons why these boots are a favourite for me:

1) the chunky platform means you've got added height more or less effortlessly. 

2) you can dress up an outfit e.g. these jogger trousers - without too much effort. See below for them on the Topshop website.

As a student, yes, £42 might be a little extravagant (although there is a 10% discount). Luckily I got these with a bigger discount- having purchased them when I worked for Topshop. But they're durable and comfy so a good investment!