Friday, 23 January 2015

Sculpt your face perfect


MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation is the most innovative formula for a flawless look that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Or your face.

In pursuit of celebrity perfect skin that gleams impeccably in our busy cosmopolitan lives, there is one particular product I believe achieves a near enough flawless look (which is what all of us women unquestionably desire). A good make-up artist friend of mine told me that foundation is the most important part of make up because your skin is literally the largest surface area on your face – therefore most visible, noticeable and therefore essential part. Invariably, one experiments tirelessly over some time and is often left pretty disappointed. This was until I was recommended MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation a few months ago, and consequently I’ve never looked back. Studio Sculpt, priced at £25, is a gel formula. The creamy texture, enhanced by shea butter, no less, is a deeply conditioning and nourishing ingredient. It is easy to blend and easy to contour on top, with no nasty after shine effect- lessening the need for setting powder on top. (Incidentally, Studio Sculpt’s other ingredients include hyberlea leaf extract, beet root extract and tamarind seed, which all help to hydrate the skin; meaning it’s ideal for skin that lacks moisture or feels especially weather-tired in this chilly season). 

 MAC also claims that there are silicone coated pigments in this foundation, which we know is a good thing as it promotes anti-ageing as well as boosting elasticity in your skin, which also explains how the creaminess and gel-like texture is actually formulated. What you’re simply left with is a flawless, even skin tone that’s non-greasy, smooth and even. The reason that the gel texture is easier to apply is because unlike a traditional liquid foundation, which often results in far too much emerging from the pump, MAC’s adoption of the squeezy tube that expels the product at will is a huge improvement on the pump not only because you can withdraw the amount you actually want, but also avoids all those unwanted explosions in your brand new designer make up bag. If you’re going for a fuller coverage for evening make-up, it’s quick drying, so you can really layer it up in no time. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller amount for minimal coverage (in case you already have wonderfully clear skin, in which case the rest of womankind probably resents you for anyway) you won’t waste any excess product, therefore you won’t be wasting money.  

At £25, this foundation does not only deliver in every way you want to by the way of coverage and kind to your skin, it is also very reasonably priced. If you relish in applying oodles of foundation every day, like I do, this tube will last you at least three to four months, meaning it doesn’t work out to be hugely expensive. For the rest of you, a good six months (at least) should suffice from this little tube. Needless to say, it really does accommodate for all the functions you would expect of a long-lasting, cost-effective and skin nourishing make up product.